Posted on April 5, 2011 at 5:44 am

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Strikey strikes back with Free downloads every Monday!

From the tender age of 8, young Londoner Priyesh Dusara’s passion towards music was evident. He grew from a poet, to a songwriter, to a recording artist, to forming his own company ‘Strikilios Entertainments’ in 2007. The incredibly talented artist amazed the world with his debut album, ‘The Wait is Over,’ which included singles ‘I Remember’ and ‘Midnight Mischief,’ reaching 1.5 million page views on Myspace. After winning the hearts of many with his first single and creating a solid fan base, he reached YouTube’s Top 35 most viewed videos hitting 12,000 views in a mere 24 hours with his second single! Since then, he has been performing with top artists, such as Chamillionaire, an incredible 60 times just within 2 years. Can you say ambitious?

Strikey will be releasing his new ‘Average Londoner,’ in May, and in order to show his fans some love, he has decided to give away a free download he has been working on every Monday from the 4th! Count on UrbanAsian to hook you up every week!

You can download the track here:

And check it out here:

If you haven’t already, check out the hot ‘Midnight Mischief’ at:

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