Posted on April 5, 2011 at 3:25 am

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Raghav sets Indian sports world on "FIRE"

It’s been confirmed straight from Mr. Mathur’s mouth!  The amazing Canadian singer, Raghav Mathur, will be singing at the Opening Ceremonies at the IPL Cricket League match on April 8th in Chennai, India!

Looks like now that the Indian cricket team has won the World Cup (2011), India wants to stay on “fire” by inviting such a hot star to their opening ceremony!

Raghav Mathur broke into the music industry with his debut CD “Storyteller” in 2004.  The album featured several hit singles including: “Angel Eyes”, “So Confused”, “Can’t Get Enough” and “Let’s Work it Out.”  Since then, the star has continued to produce great music.  His next album “Identity” featured hit tracks “My Kinda Girl” and “Humrahee.”  The music video for “Humrahee” was also screened at Deejay Ra’s music video night in Toronto at the FILMI festival, North America’s longest running South Asian film festival.  Later this year, Raghav will be releasing his next album – “Phoenix”.  The album has already created a buzz with tracks “So Much” and “Fire.”

Looks like the opening ceremony for the IPL series will be a very memorable one!  For those of you in India – hope you can check it out!  Everyone else, you can still get your dose of Raghav for the day by checking out his videos on youtube and getting his albums!

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