Posted on April 24, 2011 at 2:24 am

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Rudra Loses His Memory on "Sangini!"

Zee TV’s Devdas based love story, “Sanjog se Bani Sangini” is going to face some major twists in the coming episodes when Rudra loses all memory of his wife Gauri, and only remembers his childhood best friend and former love Pihu!

Vikas Bhalla makes his television come-back on “Sangini” as Ram and in the latest episodes Ram interrupts a lovely picnic that Gauri and Rudra, played by Binny Sharma and Iqbal Khan respectively, have. Ram takes Gauri aside so he can express his love for her again but Rudra runs toward the cliff and in a fight Ram accidentally pushes both Gauri and Rudra off the cliff!

Sources say that Gauri will be injured but it is Rudra who will lose part of his memory so he only remembers his love for his childhood best friend Pihu and he even thinks that Pihu’s child is his child! Keep watching to find out how poor Gauri will handle this new twist in her life!

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