Posted on April 28, 2011 at 7:03 pm

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O Music Awards: Watch Chiddy Bang Attempt To Freestyle For More Than NINE HOURS

The following article was originally posted on MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog by Tamar Anitai in CelebrityMusic.  It has been reproduced here on, but you can find the full article at A live stream of Chiddy Bang’s attempt is accessible via this MTV link.

The only thing I’ve done for nine hours straight is sleep. Well, there was that wingsfest in college, but the point is, when in your life have you tried to do something that takes talent, determination, and possibly a little bit of daredevilish the-good-way kind of crazy? For NINE HOURS?

Today at 11:30 p.m PT/ 2:30 p.m. ET, Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege of Chiddy Bang will attempt to break the World Rap Record by freestyling for NINE HOURS STRAIGHT. Nine uninterrupted hours of freestyle rapping. Actually, the record is nine hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds, achieved by M-Eighty of Indianapolis. So Chiddy will actually have to rap for at least nine hours, 15 minutes and 16 seconds. This is serious, people. There’s even a guy from the Guiness Book of World Records here and everything.

So, help Chiddy out! Tweet your ideas and topics for Chiddy’s rhymes to @realchiddy with hashtag #rapworldrecord.

Oh yeah, and to answer the question EVERYONE has asked: How’s he gonna go to the bathroom? You’ll have to watch Chiddy’s O Music Awards freestyle and see.

+ Watch Chiddy Bang freestyle for nine hours straight in an attempt to break the rap world record, watch the O Music Awards live on Thursday, April 28, at 11 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT, and stay tuned for live updates and behind-the-scenes access on Buzzworthy, on Twitter at@MTVBuzzworthy, and at

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