Posted on April 11, 2011 at 1:53 pm

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Mumzy Stranger releases new single "Heartbreaker"

International R&B superstar Mumzy Stranger has been taking the music industry by storm. After winning the award for “Best Urban Act” at Lebara Mobile’s 2011 UK Asian Music Awards, Mumzy released his successful new production; single, “Heartbreaker”.

The captivating new track released via Tiffin Beats Records on April 8th at a FREE Download. With a 90’s like dance vibe, powerful production and the usual sleekness of Mumzy’s vical performance, “Heartbreaker” is bound to be a potent single.

As one of the most promising acts to emerge from the industry, British-Bangladeshi artist Mumzy Stranger is making a name for himself as a producer through beat-making, which has always been in his works.

Heartbreaker features production, writing and singing, as well as the odd MC-like adlib, all courtesy of Mumzy, making it an auditory display to not be missed! The track was recorded alongside Dipika Parmar, winner of a competition set up between Desi-Box and Tiffin Beats Records in 2010.

Though the ‘club banger’ has been rocking dancefloors worldwide since its release a few days ago, one must remember what Mumzy Stranger is all about: sophistication and class, both of which are dominant in “Heartbreaker”.

Having provided a once in a lifetime opportunity for a certain competition, Mumzy expressed how he hopes the track is received well: “I’m really happy with the track. It was great to have a fan there, with me, when I was in the creative process. All that there is now, is to hope people enjoy it.”

The track released at 9 PM on April 8th on as a FREE Download as well as other outlets, and will also feature theKlubKulcha remix.

Check out the song and let UrbanAsian know what you think!

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