Posted on March 12, 2011 at 7:22 am

Music What's Happenin'

Expression of Menis, 'Look at Me'

Menis working hard sharing the stage with famous artist such as Jay Sean in the past has a new video out. Coming 2010 is where he released “Where’s My Money,’ because of his creativity in the style of music his career took a leap to the next level. Menis became the chosen one by BBC radio to perform. Let’s not forget he has been nominated for the UK Asian Music Awards 2011 for “yep you know it” THE BEST URBAN ART.

Menis with his amazing skills of self-expression that comes within his electrifying lyrics, which are composed with hip-hop beats, Indie-Rock twist, and electro sounds. London brought up individual with vast diversity in his style of music Menis first track of 2011 is ‘Look at Me Now.’

‘Look at Me Now,’ is not only a celebration for Menis but it is the progression of his journey which he has fulfilled. It is not only a expression of him reaching his goal, but on the other hand it is showing other artist just like Menis that with the drive of music kept alive can be achieved by overcoming all the disappointing doors one reaches with passion, hard work, and determination there is hope for everyone. Menis is not only speaking to the youngest to follow their dream but helping them through it. Menis himself says: “I wrote ‘Look at me now’ because I have accomplished quite a lot, even though people didn’t believe in my dream, I’ve made it a reality. It’s about overcoming obstacles and being determined to make your dreams come true.”

Menis has his hand tied for 2011 with all the performances an some collaboration with RnB artist Sef. Look like the Urban Asian Music has scored themselves a new “Eminem” in town. 😉

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