Posted on March 14, 2011 at 7:35 pm

Music What's Happenin'

Ajaxxx will "Blow" your mind!

After a successful release at the India International Film Festival in Tampa, America’s own South Asian hip-hop artist, Ajaxx releases the official music video for his first single “Blow!”

“Blow” is an upbeat east coast hip-hop track with some hard punches, catchy rhymes and intricate lyrics.

“When I wrote the song,” explains Ajaxxx, “I wanted to do something that returned me to my roots. I wanted to showcase my skills on the mic and remind people ‘yo this kid can spit.'”

Does Ajaxx accomplish what he wanted with “Blow?” Check it out and let us know!

The rising star hails from Orlando, Florida and defines his sound as a blend of catchy lyrics and intricate word play.

“I’m just trying to represent,” said Ajaxxx. “For my culture, for my city, and for my people. To me, it’s all about making music that people can feel.”

This is Ajaxxx’s first single from his upcoming new album “Something to Prove.” To download the song on iTunes, click here: