Posted on February 8, 2011 at 11:59 pm

Love What's Happenin'

Spice Up Your Valentine Day

After being in a relationship for a while gentlemen you know how the ladies nag about how you’re “so Desi”, not romantic, and never thoughtful. Well lose the stereotypical habits and spice up your relationship with your loved one. Show her how much she means to you. Some men might say that it is hard to impress a girl because they expect too much. Guys, in reality, girls love the little moments that they have with the person they love. Just the smallest gesture brings a smile that she will hold with her for the rest of her life. Don’t over think it and do not under estimate it either; just gather little ideas that surround her interest, as well as, yours.  Now let’s not make this day about just you; they key idea here is to think of her and make it a special memory. Keeping that in mind, here are some fun and creative ideas to get your mind working:

  • Plan a night that is just you and her. Make the house all nice and ‘dress it up.’ Then use rose petal to make a trail that starts from the door to the candle light dinner.  She would love it! Now guys, don’t get all worried thinking you have to cook; the dinner can be pre-bought and just plated nicely to present to your lady.
  • Plan a romantic walk to the closest ice cream shop and enjoy your favorite flavor of ice cream with her.  On your way home, give her a rose and tell her how much you love her.
  • To go the “Desi route”, have some hot chai, spicy pakoras, and cuddle on couch with a thriller movie.

  • To go the “American route” have some hot chocolate that you two make together and cuddle up on the couch with sum old romantic chick flick she likes.
  • A really fun way to spicy up your night is to have a delicious, homemade dinner and play some poker or any type of game, but put a twist into it by making cute bets that both of you are able to enjoy.
  • Make your own pizza together and have a tasting contest.
  • Play dress up as if it was a fashion show and take a bunch of cute pictures and post them on Facebook or a blog if you have one. Then enjoy the comments.

    • Play finger painting. Try making a portrait of one another.

    • Make the house dark. Then take a few candles and light them up to make your own “fireplace”. Enjoy marshmallows under the fire and tell stories to each other while feeding each other the marshmallows.
    • The last tip is for Valentine’s Day. What you can do to plan a perfect day is to send roses at her work with a custom hand-written note. Then make reservations for or cook a perfect dinner that is especially to both of your tastes. Give the room a romantic look with flower petals, candle lights, and incents; because you never know what could be in store for you.  Go the extra mile by using rose petals and writing I LOVE U or UR THE ONLY ONE on the bed.

    On the other hand now let not forget the gift. Now every girl know that she is going to get roses. But this time why not give it a little spicy with a personal touch. Here are some idea:

    • Get Personalize MY M&M with your faces and cute messages it would be so sweet every time in the day she eats them it will remind her of you.

      • Diamond is always a girl’s best friend 😉

        • Personalize a romantic message in a bottle for her.

        • Chocolate-dipped fortune cookies with sweet fortune which both can share with each other.

            • Customize matching iphone cases for those couples that have them. You can have her picture on your phone and her picture on your case.

              • If you’re a morning coffee lovers than get a customized mugs for him and her.

                • The old fashion rose bouquet always does the trick but this time why not get roses that speak ‘I Love You.’ Now you can find roses that have cute messages on them.

                  • Get engraved rings for him and her. In her ring have your name with the date you first met, then in his ring have her name and the date you met. It’s a cute way of saying I love you.

                    Try these tips just as ideas and make them your own by giving them your creative touch. Let the results J remember its not how much u can do it’s the gester that count.

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