Posted on February 8, 2011 at 2:53 pm

Indian TV What's Happenin'

Krishnaben's in Trouble!

Sony TV’s new show Krishnaben Khakhrawala has been bringing in the ratings the channel needs but it looks like Krishnaben is in some trouble!

Krishnaben, played by Indira Krishnan, takes on her biggest challenge yet! The women received an order of 60,000 khakhras to be made in only 10 days!! They face many obstacles lighting fighting with husbands and even being thrown in jail when they take up this challenge. Ust when they finish 25% of the Khrakhras an unsatisfied customer returns saying that his meethi khakhra was too oily. Poor Gayatri confesses it’s her fault and the women must also re-make the order of the angered customer as well as the remaining 75% of their biggest order! How will they every finish!

Not only is the Khakhra orders stressing out Krishnaben but her son, Nilay is out all night and returns in the morning. Krishnaben worries about her young son, but she doesn’t know is that Nilay is out working at a call center. There is a bit of good news though, Bhoomi will propose to Elesh and he accepts!

Keep watching this family drama to find out what will happen to Krishnaben next!

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