Posted on February 17, 2011 at 5:25 pm

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FAN-tastic response to Jay Sean's "Hit the Lights"

British-Indian pop sensation Jay Sean has been rocking the charts ever since his American debut so it’s no shocker that his track “Hit the Lights” featuring Lil’ Wayne has already peaked at #2 on the iTunes charts before any radio play!

Jay Sean’s been pumping out hits like “Down” and “Do You Remember ” making his presence known in the music industry. As an artist who’s worked his way up from the bottom Jay Sean has built a strong and loyal international fan base that can rival that of any well established superstar.

These Jay Sean fanatics are the reason “Hit the Lights” have come in second to Lady Gaga’s latest release, “Born This Way,” on iTunes without even hitting the air waves! Now that’s an impressive record! If fans are crazy about the track already, just imagine how much love it will get when it does hit the air!

“Hit the Lights” is a single from Jay’s fourth Album (second one to be released in the States) entitled “Freeze Time.”  Jay Sean switched his sound up for this club banger to try a different type of dance track and looks like it worked out great for him!

“I’m so excited about this song, ’cause, for me, it’s the first time I felt like I did a huge club record,” he told Mixtape Daily. “I always wanted to write a song that could be batted across all the clubs and on radio. And I think this is that song. It doesn’t need any remixes or anything like that.”

“Hit the Lights” is very different from the infectious “Down” Lil’ Wayne and Jay created back in 2009. While “Down” was smooth and catchy, “Lights” has a harder edge, thumping drums, Lil’ Wayne’s party-starting-attitude filled verse and of course Jay’s sexy smooth vocals. According to Jay Sean, he learns something new every time he works with his fellow  Cash Money artist, Lil’ Wayne.

“It’s inspirational,” he said. “I learn off of people who have achieved greatness. There’s something about them — their work ethic, their mentality — that resonates and strikes a chord. So when I watch him to see what he does, in my head I’m looking at it going, ‘This is why he got to where he is.’ And I like to learn that.”

This track is also going to be the first track Lil’ Wayne has done since his release from jail, so Weezy fans definitely need to support this talented artist to show their love.

For all the Jay Sean Fanatics– don’t stop lovin’ our favorite rock star! and for those of you who haven’t heard the track yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! Get it off iTunes today!

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