Posted on February 17, 2011 at 4:39 pm


Caravan Crookz Present "Bhangra Video"

They’ve bored you to death with the ramblings of Scooter Singh…

They’ve infested your eardrums with warbled messages of condoning video piracy via Jason DONAvan…

Now the the musical world’s version of Richard Keys and Andy Grey, the Caravan Crookz, return with their official second single ‘BHANGRA VIDEO!’

On this sad excuse for a musical song, the Crookz enter the murky world of Bhangra music videos and encounter the one biggest fear when watching them… seeing your cousin in it!

The electro-rap tune will be available from this week as a FREE DOWNLOAD,

and the official music video will be out… umm… around the same time.

Check out the official music video teaser:

Official Video Out Next Week!

Check out these additional clips from their video! Guaranteed you will laugh out loud!

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