Posted on January 18, 2011 at 11:36 pm

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Hair and Now: Ombre Hair

For those of us who dye our hair, the unsightly peeking monstrosity that is also known as your roots, is always a hard thing to hide and maintain.  The fear of your dye job seeming fake and having your roots show is enough to make dying hair an obsolete option for many individuals, not to mention not many of us are fortunate to have the time or money to run to the salon every few weeks to get a root touch up.  Well, it turns out, that we don’t have to worry about any of this anymore because the latest trend in hair color is actually having you roots show!  That’s right!  No more living in fear of being judged for having dark roots!

This new hair color trend is called the ombre look and celebrities everywhere are rocking it (some have even been rocking it before the trend was popular, but this was frowned upon back then cough cough Kareena Kapoor).  The ombre look can be seen on stars like Drew Barrymore, Ashley Simpson, Camilla Alves, and Sarah Jessica Parker.  Have no fear, ombre doesn’t only look good on fair skinned people, darker skin tones are also rocking this look as can be seen on celebrities like Ciara and Raven Symone.

Unfortunately, to get a flawless job like the stars, you would have to get your hair done at a salon however, maintaining it would be simple since you have to, well, basically do nothing!  Isn’t that great?  You can do a pretty good job of dying your hair in the ombre style at home too as can be seen in the do it yourself video from Popsugar TV.  Even if you dye your hair a normal color and naturally let it grow out and fade, a shine treatment can turn your fashion faux pas into a trendy glamour do!

This hairstyle is different and maintainable so you have nothing to lose if you are looking to change up your hair color.  Try it out hair and now!

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