Posted on December 13, 2010 at 12:27 pm

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Shivali bring bhajans into the mainstream!

Did you ever think that bhajans could be cool? If you’re shaking your head “no” you’re probably not in the minority. Though bhajans give you a spiritual boost, they’re often not songs that you would typically have on repeat on your iPod. However, things are about to change as international artist Shivali is ready to bring bhajans to a more mainstream audience. Her bhajans feature a more modern sound backed by an excellent music score. Shivali seamlessly blends the genres of R&B, soul rock, and pop with traditional Bhajan sounds.

Shivali is a London-based artist who was discovered and subsequently signed to Sony Music India! She is all set to release her new album “The Bhajan Project” which will be sure to impress lovers of bhajans, but may just make some non-bhajans lovers into fans of this genre. Check out the track list below and then head over to the links we’ve given to purchase the album!

1. Gayatri Mantra
2. Jag Mein Sundar Hai Do Naam
3. Achutum Kesevam
4. Prabhuji
5. Hey Ram Hey Ram
6. Hey Govind Hey Gopal
7. Hanuman Chalisa
8. Shiva Shambho
9. Ganesh Mantra


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