Posted on December 1, 2010 at 7:41 pm

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Prita releases free single on World Aids Day

Canadian recording artist Prita Chhabra announced today that she is joining the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) as its newest ambassador in the fight to end AIDS through research.

Chhabra has become a familiar new face in the Canadian pop music industry, and has now partnered with CANFAR to help put an end to AIDS. She is also very proud to be the first recording artist of South Asian heritage to be appointed as an ambassador of a national Canadian charity.

Prita tells us at UrbanAsian what its like to be involved in such a great organization. ” I think its very important to be aware about global issues and I feel so honored to have been given so much opportunity to speak about my experience in Malawi and to give a voice to hiv/aids.”

“We are thrilled to have Prita join the CANFAR team,” said Christopher Bunting, CANFAR’s President. “Her talent,energy and compassion are fantastic assets in the fight against AIDS and will help us spread the message that we can end AIDS together, through research.”

“Canada is incredibly well-equipped to find a cure for AIDS. We have top-of-the-line facilities in our hospitals and universities, and we have the brain trust in the scientists searching for a cure,” said Chhabra. “Through CANFAR, Canadians have an opportunity to contribute to research that has the power to change the world. Together, we can find the cure for AIDS.”

In 2008, Prita was among 6 students selected to participate in a research study trip to Malawi, Africa. The purpose of the trip was to do grassroots level research on HIV/Aids, so that they could return to Canada to educate youth about the millennium development goals, and to bring awareness about global issues. For Prita, the trip was a life changing experience.

Prita has since been visiting Canadian schools to give presentations to kids about HIV/Aids and life in Malawi. Prita has released her interpretation of a traditional Malawi song entitled “May God Be With You” as a free single to help continue her awareness efforts. Prita has also made a self-directed short film of the same title about her trip to Malawi.

She has released her free single ” May God Be With You” on her website

Check out this video below as Prita visits Malawi!

Kudos to Prita!

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