Posted on December 20, 2010 at 6:25 pm

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Ajaxxx wants to "Runaway"

Alright so Ajaxxx doesn’t really want to run away, but “Runaway” is the name of Ajaxxx’s final Music Monday release. He turns a bit more serious in this track, delivering extra personal rhymes about his life. You can hear his rap over the Kanye West “Runaway” track. Ajaxxx tells us at UA: “Whenever I do songs like these, it’s never easy. From relationships to my career, I had a lot of stuff I wanted to get off my chest. And so, that’s what I did.”

Do you all like the somber Ajaxxx better or do you prefer his more jovial side?

Week 8 (Monday Dec. 20, 2010): “Runaway”

Check out the vids from the prior Music Mondays below, and remember Ajaxxx has made all the songs available for download off of the Youtube links.

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