Posted on November 19, 2010 at 10:16 am

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Weekly Update: Shravan's son?

Shravan’s idiot friends try to help out by sending a boy to the house to say that he is Shravan’s son but that backfires when the little boy refuses to leave or tell the truth! Sanchi is terribly hurt and the entire family is angered that Shravan not only has a son but a son who claims Shravan married his mom Devika! Shravan tries to explain but no one believes him. Shravan promises Bunty that he will set Bunty up with Shreya, Sanchi’s younger cousin, if Bunty and Viren gets rid of the boy. Through a series of tricks, the family finally figures out that Shravan is telling the truth.

When Shravan arranges a date for the two by secretly meeting with Shreya but Shreya’s parents spy on the two and assume the worst. Everyone thinks that Shravan is cheating on Sanchi with Shreya! Back at home everyone is confused what Shreya’s dad is talking about because the family and Shravan think that Sanchi’s family is angry about the child. In all the confusion, Shravan is able to tell Sanchi the truth so she believes him even when Shravan’s dad and Sanchi’s uncle fight over it.

Just when Sanch and Shravan are in love, everything seems to go wrong! Keep watching to find out when Shravan finally says “I love you” to Sanchi for real!

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