Posted on August 29, 2020 at 11:08 pm

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Turkish Actress Zeynep Çamci chats with us!

Turkish Cinema has been doing so well worldwide and the scripts are out of the world.

Not only that but a huge fan base has grown in so many countries including the US and India and it is no surprise that the language is very similar. Many films have been shot in Turkey that is Bollywood scripted as well. With east meets west and the fusion of films connecting. More and More countries are adapting to different languages in different countries. Turkey is known to produce many films and attracting a different range of audiences from India, Pakistan, Spain, the US, Canada. People have started Fan Groups on Social Media just to understand the language. Because the films and TV soaps are so well shot many have started to understand some of the basic words. Including myself.

So why is it that we are so fascinated with the Turkish Cinema also known as Yeşilçam?

Well because many are loving not just American made films but even International shows/films across the globe. Language has no barrier so why not learn multiple languages. We spoke to Zeyneb Camci who is a well known TV actress in the industry.. She has been leading in many different shows – from comedy to romance to many genres. She talks about her career and more!

She has also won “Best Actress – Golden Orange” & APAN Star Awards “APAN Awards – Special” awards. She is known for Recep Ivedik 2 as “Kasiyer” (2009), Recep Ivedik 3 as “Zeynep” (2010) Meryem as “Meryem” (2013), Deliha as “Havva” (2014), Feride as “Feride” .

Moreover ZEYNEP ÇAMCI is known for leading actress on TV series as Leyla ile Mecnun as “Sedef – Leyla”, Emirin Yolu as “Can”, Beni Böyle Sev as “Aysem” and Seviyor Sevmiyor as “Deniz Aslan”, Kara Yazi as “Yaren” and Adi: Zehra as Zehra

She speaks Turkish (native language), Deutsch (German) and English. Mrs. ÇAMCI is also known as the writer, director of Feride (2020)


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We had a chance to speak with her about the journey and the experience in Turk Cinema!

UrbanAsian: You have played so many different roles in your career path -which do you enjoy the most -comedy, romance, both?

Zeynep Camci: Every role I take is very enjoyable.

UrbanAsian: You are starring in a new show Feride – how do you choose your scripts and how do you decide them?

Zeynep Camci: Feride was my childhood dream and the script for Feride came completely from my heart and soul.

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UrbanAsian: Turkey cinema is growing at a fast rate internationally – you have fans not just in Turkey but across the globe including India – how does it feel to have so many worldwide fans?

Zeynep Camci: Really? I didn’t know it was that much. I have to study more English. : )

UrbanAsian: Oh YES! Many fan bases have been created just for the Turkish Cinema! 🙂

UrbanAsian: What made you go into acting and tell us how you started your career?

Zeynep Camci:  My career is always changing. Working hard and loving your job is the start of a good career. Surprises along the way. For me, this interview is one of those nice surprises.

UrbanAsian: If not acting what would you have become?

Zeynep Camci:  I don’t know. I like to always be on the move, I enjoy staying from the beginning, so maybe many different careers.

UrbanAsian: Corona Virus has taken over the entertainment scene as well with the lockdown – did you pick up and hobbies while on lockdown? 🙂

Zeynep Camci: I started producing content on Instagram and i loved it!

UrbanAsian: Have you ever been to India before and followed any Bollywood movies?

Zeynep Camci: Yes, I watched Barfi and Peekan while in quarantine days. I love Bollywood and I know a piece of myself is in India!

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UrbanAsian: Do you have someone who inspires you to do better?

Zeynep Camci: My dreams, my childhood, and all the people I met and all the places I saw. They tell me “you can”, “if you can dream it, you can be it.” For example, when you think that you are in Bollywood, you will go either in reality or in your dreams, but you go. I love it!

UrbanAsian: My personal favorite series of yours was Seviyor Sevmiyor – how did you like playing the role and what made you decided this script?

Zeynep Camci: When I was watching the original episodes of Seviyor Sevmiyor I said “Yes! This is my role!” I won an award for it from APAN Star Awards – Korea. It was a dream come true for me. Thank you for this sweet interview, let’s dream of meeting on Bollywood one day! : )


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