Posted on October 31, 2023 at 7:58 am


Priyanshu Painyuli teases fans with BTS pics from “Paan Parda Zarda”

Priyanshu Painyuli, the actor known for his transformative roles and celebrated for his powerful performances. Like in “Charlie Chopra & The Mystery Of Solang Valley,” “Mirzapur,” “Extraction,” and “Bhavesh Joshi,”.

Photo courtesy Priyanshu team
Photo courtesy Priyanshu team

It is all set to take on an intriguing new role in the upcoming show “Paan Parda Zarda.” In this series, Priyanshu will play a character named Sikander. The interesting story and character development have demanded a complete transformation from him.


The versatile actor recently shared a behind-the-scenes photograph on his Instagram. He is offering a sneak peek into this show and leaving the audience eagerly anticipating more.


In the Instagram post, Priyanshu captioned the BTS shot with the words, “New Day.. New schedule..New Shoes to fill in.”

This intriguing message has only added to the air of mystery surrounding the project, fueling fan speculation about his character and the storyline of the show.

What adds to the excitement is that Priyanshu Painyuli and the makers of “Paan Parda Zarda” are skillfully keeping the details of his new look under wraps. As Priyanshu Painyuli gets ready to unveil this new avatar, fans are in high anticipation.

After entertaining audiences this year with “Charlie Chopra & The Mystery Of Solang Valley,” and “U-Turn”. The actor is preparing for another promising venture, “Pippa.” Audiences are eagerly awaiting his return to the screen, well aware of his ability to choose projects that leave a lasting impact.


Priyanshu Painyuli’s talent and versatility have garnered him a loyal following. His every move in the entertainment industry is met with anticipation.

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