Posted on October 31, 2023 at 3:53 am

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Anil Avhad: Keh Doon Tumhein is not just the first thriller I am doing but also my first TV show, so it’s very special to me

Anil Avhad plays the role of Shreyash in Keh Doon Tumhein (KDT), produced by Vajra Productions.


Photo Courtesy Anil Avhad Team
Photo Courtesy Anil Avhad Team


The actor feels that the show’s title is unique.

“From Vikrant’s point of view, this perfectly suits the narrative around what he wants to confess to Kirti,” he says.

KDT is a thriller and this is the first time the actor is doing one.

“And it’s my first TV show too so it’s very special to me. After doing theatre for a long time, I have come to the TV industry and my family and friends are really happy to see me on screen. It’s like a mixed feeling; I am nervous and excited as well,” he adds.

Anil’s character Shreyas is intelligent, curious, ambitious and sincere about his work.

“He loves doing investigations and is interested in forensic science. He loves to study psychology. His dream is to do a forensic science course in a big city and work in a good forensic department. It’s very interesting. The investigation file that you can see with Shreyas, I have actually made it on my own with my hands as I wanted to know the character deeply. Also I am an architect, so making the file came easy. There are many things that relate me with Shreyas. I am ambitious in real life too and I love this character and I hope people love this character too,” he says.

The show is being shot in Panchgani and the surroundings are quite beautiful.

“It’s a special place. The environment is quite peaceful. When we don’t have a shoot, we just sit on our balconies and enjoy the view. It’s a different vibe to shoot here and everyone is enjoying it. It’s neither hot nor cold, there is also not much traffic, so you feel at peace,” he adds.

About working with Vajra Productions’, he says,

“It’s my first show with them. Since it’s a Marathi production I was aware of them and wanted to work with them and got the opportunity. I am very excited about it. Everyone is very happy and hats off to them.”

KDT has been getting positive responses and the actor is obviously happy about it.

“The response was really great and we knew people would love to watch something different. It was a challenge as well to do something different as it’s not a typical Saas bahu daily soap. Hope people love our show as everyone has worked really hard and gives their 100 percent every day,” he says.

The TV industry has evolved a lot over the years. Agreeing, he adds,

“The TV industry is changing and people have become more open with content. Audience has become mature and they now understand what is fake and what is real. So the more realistic things you show the more it would be better. The audience’s taste has evolved as well.”

Daily soap means a lot of hard work and patience.

“Yes, it’s a challenge as you have to work as per the schedule you get daily. But we are enjoying the process as the location is amazing and we have a great team. We don’t feel tired at all,” he smiles.

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