Posted on November 25, 2022 at 3:00 am


Twitterati call Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia an all-rounder package after she handles the shalin-sumbul-tina’s situation so gracefully

Ever since the popular TV reality show Bigg Boss 16 aired, it has been creating waves.

Photo courtesy Nimrit team
Photo courtesy Nimrit team


The audience’s favourite contestant Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is leaving everyone amazed with her fun attitude, caring nature towards her friends.


And no matter she always takes stand for the right ones. In today’s episode, we witnessed a lot of drama inside the house with the captaincy task.


After hearing the conversation between Sumbul’s father and Sumbul, Shalin broke into a rage. He screamed at Sumbul to listen to her dad and not to ever speak with them but Nimrit handled the situation really well.


The way she handled Sumbul and Shalin was on another level all together. She was trying to be present for Tina, Shalin and Sumbul at the same time and making them understand everyone’s point of view.


After the fight, the captaincy task took place which she performed amazingly. That’s why netizens are calling her an all-rounder. A Twitterati wrote,



‘Respect for #NimritKaurAhluwalia the way she handled the situation today She was everywhere She stood by her friends Shalin and Tina was there for them & at the same time Nimrit also took care of Sumbul when she was getting panic attack @NimritAhluwalia #BiggBoss16 #NimritArmy’


Another fan said,


‘”AGAR AAP CHAHTE HO KI MAIN TASK PERFORM NA KARU MAIN YE NAHIN KAR SAKTI Mujhe bhi Captaincy chahiye” Her dedication For Task another level. She is the Strongest gurlll.Pure soul with With smart mind #NimritKaurAhluwalia𓃵 #NimritKaurAhluwalia #BB16 #SherniSardaarni’

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