Posted on November 25, 2022 at 4:32 am

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Sanket Choukse: No work is hard work if you do what you love

Actor Sanket Choukse, who plays the role of Laxman in Dangal TV’s Jai Hanuman, says that he loves being part of the project. The actor adds that the show is doing well, and he is glad that people are liking his performance.

“I want to thank everyone for such a great response. The best compliment which I have got till now is that I am looking like a warrior. I love to do what I do, which is acting and that makes my day every time I face the camera. So, no work is hard work if you do what you love to do,” he says.

Dangal TV is creating waves for its unique programming and content, says the actor, adding,

“It’s evident that Dangal TV is growing at a lightning-fast speed and I congratulate the hardworking people behind it because hard work is the only key to grow in life.”

Meanwhile, he adds that this is the best time to be part of showbiz.

“It’s always nice to see evolution in a positive manner. I feel lucky to be part of this generation to get the chance to challenge my own limits to achieve and fulfill higher expectations of the audience,” he says.

He adds that while he loves to act, he makes sure to leave his character as soon as he leaves the set.

“I evolved as an actor with time as I learnt to leave the character on the set. When I was doing Waaris on TV, I could not come out of my character of Rohan Bajwa for at least three months. It was really tough for me to adapt a new character for my other project,” he says.

He adds,

“Characters affect our mental and emotional health for sure but with time I have learnt how to overcome such issues.”

However, he makes sure to focus as much as he can when he is on the set.

“I like to be in my character on the sets so I spend very less time with my co-actors or else it affects the scene. This is true especially when I play such a heavy-weight character like Laxman ji which needs a lot of sincerity and grace,” he says.

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