Posted on July 8, 2022 at 11:25 am

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Birthday Special: These 5 Jasleen Royal’s Songs Will Send Chills Down Your Spine!

Jasleen Royal

On the occasion of Jasleen Royal’s birthday, one of the most popular female composer – singer and pop stars in India, let’s look at a few songs that have stuck by us forever.

Bursting a little fact on the singers’s special day, not many are aware that Jasleen is not only an excellent singer but also a composer and writer.

After paving her way into the industry with her melodious voice and compositions, Jasleen has made the country proud as her composition and a song sung by her; “Ranjha”, made it to the US global billboard chart!

Here are a few songs through which Jasleen Royal has always made sure that we have the perfect song for every occasion and every mood!

1. Nach De Ne Saare

The perfect song for any wedding occasion, whether a sangeet performance or a cocktail dance, the song just fits every occasion perfectly. Jasleen’s voice and her desi touch to the song makes it the best for every wedding!

2. Ranjha

The ultimate love song of 2021 that literally leaves us with goosebumps as we hear it. Jasleen Royal’s melodious voice and her excellent composition of the song just makes it the perfect blend of folk and contemporary music which is just lovely to hear.

3. Love You Zindagi

You know the chills when you hear this song sung by Jasleen Royal at the right time. Jasleen’s voice in the song just hits the correct cords with the heart to make you feel that all is well!

4. Din Shagna Da

Whether married or not, Din Shagana Da is just spine chilling and immediately gives you the imaginary visuals of you dressed up as a bride. One of Jasleen’s first song that gave her the much deserved recognition in the industry.

5. Kho Gaye Hum Kahan

Not much needs to be said about this masterpiece sung by Jasleen Royal. The song just fits the occasion of the lovely monsoon we have. A wonderful view by the window and this song playing the background is enough to take you in a different world!

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