Posted on July 9, 2022 at 2:04 am

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Nivedita Basu opens up about their new TV channel Atrangii

Nivedita Basu is super proud about their TV channel Atrangii that launched on the  6th June. The Producer-director-content creator shares that the response they have received so far is amazing. She mentions that the entire team is looking forward to the OTT launch of Atrangii on the 7th July.


Photo Courtesy by Nivedita Basu PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Nivedita Basu PR Team


“Because of the hoardings and big announcement that happened, I think Atrangii has been received well. In today’s day or time there are very few people who are coming up with a GEC channel and that too with something that is unique in its approach and also has a variety of fresh content. Much like the name, we are not like any other regular TV channel that will air daily soaps. All our concepts are unusual and the best part about our concepts is that we don’t have long running shows. Even the daily soaps we have will run maximum for 100 episodes and get over within four months,” she says.

Talking more about the content scenario, demand and supply, Nivedita begins by saying that even though a lot of people say that attention has shifted to OTT and very few people watch TV, they are wrong. Statistics show a different report.

“I think there is a dedicated television audience which sticks to that, like mothers, fathers and grandparents. I don’t think that we are that tech savvy to move on to smart TV or phones or watch for a particular content. They still like to switch on the TV and watch their favourite content on the channel it comes. So, I think for them we decided to come up with a GEC,” she adds.

Sharing her vision for the content, she adds,

“I think it was really exciting that Vibhu Ji (full name and designation) decided to get me on board for Atrangii because I always felt that I should be on the broadcast side even though I have been in the best production house that is Balaji with Ekta [Kapoor, filmmaker]. I have no complaints whatsoever. But it has been my dream to try broadcasting and the best part is to be a part of a channel, which has just launched. To start something new with something new gives you a lot of scope. Vibhu Ji trusts me. So I have the freedom to actually decide the content and run things in my own way. We have a particular vision and the best part is that usually in a channel you have 3-4 launches a year, but we almost have 50 launches, because our content changes quite often. So we need a continued supply. We are also coming up with an OTT having the same name. The content will be available on both. I’m super excited.”

Nivedita has been working in the industry for years now. Her goodwill is often spoken about.

“I am thankful for my 20 years in the industry. The fact that people acknowledge, respect and trust me is enough. So you tend to get good people on board because when you are a start up, a lot of people are sceptical, how the channel will fair, what the terms are? A lot of things come into play but when you have a credible person like Vibhu Ji who had earned a huge success with Ullu (it’s a streaming platform) and now starting a new GEC and OTT called Atrangii, and somebody like me joining in, I think people trust us. Many are keen on working with us, create content for us. I feel blessed. I hope I am able to live upto all the expectations and also entertain the audience,” she signs off.



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