Posted on July 12, 2022 at 11:45 am

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Akshara Singh x Ranveer Singh? The Collaboration The World Needs

Singer, actor, and dancer Akshara Singh’s new song Rocket Jawaani yet again becomes a song that is heard on a loop. The talented artist is a prominent face in the Bhojpuri industry and has slowly stepped into B-Town.

Akshara is having a great run and recently posted a picture with the perfectionist Aamir Khan. But Akshara has always stayed grounded and has made sure to entertain her fan base back where she has a huge fan base. Rocket Jawaani has a surprise where we see Akshara Singh doing a short rap. Well, we have all known how good a singer is Akshara, and with her rap in the song, she has set a new level of expectations for all her fans.

akshara singh in white lehenga

Let me tell you that the song Rocket Jawaani has a significant connection with Actor Ranveer Singh. The song which endorses Ranveer Singh previously supported the brand, and the music which was out too was a massive hit.

Walking along the same lines, Akshara claims that this song has a lot of connection with Ranveer Singh.
She shares an exclusive conversation with us, “This song is very special to me. I have not just done singing over her, but I have also rapped. Ranveer ka bohat he connection hai Babu Bhaiya isme (it indeed had a lot of similarity with Ranveer Singh), and I am glad I could do a song with an endorsement that he previously did. The rap too over here has been inspired by him.”

She adds, “I look up to him, and when I can do multiple things, I hope I do justice to them. Also, my fans have been my strength and support. Many great things are coming up, and I will keep everyone updated about it.”

Akshara Singh’s songs are known to break many records, with many garnering million and billion of views. We hope Rocket Jawaani, too, reaches that milestone!

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