Posted on July 12, 2022 at 7:48 am

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Ishqiyoun actor Ankit Raj Jha says web series is the best thing that has happened to the industry

Ankit Raj Jha is a part of the series titled Ishqiyoun. He shares that his experience of working with producer Himanshoo A Pathak, writer Payal Saxena and Elixir Production, has been a wonderful one. He plays the role of Nri in the series.


Photo Courtesy by Ankit Raj Jha PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Ankit Raj Jha PR Team


“I have worked on a lot of other projects but working with Himanshu Sir was a whole different experience altogether. He was actually present on the set taking care of all of us by all means right from the actors to the crew members. You ask anything at any time and it will be there. He will come and ask everyone whether we are comfortable or not, whether we are healthy or not and if there is any problem. And, Payal ma’am is an inspiration. At first when I read the script I understood one thing that the writer is very disciplined as the essence of all the characters were intact even after having so many of them with different shades. She is the strongest and the kindest lady I have ever seen, whatever she touches prosper. Whoever knows Payal ma’am has fallen in love with her. This series is a proof of what powerful writing can do,” he says.

About what made him take up this project, Ankit shares three factors that usually govern his choices.

“I have a three-point rule for picking up any project. The first is whether it is a relatable concept, if the story is good and what is my character doing in the story. When I heard Ishqiyoun for the first time, I found out that the concept is very different and yet so relatable to everyone. The story was penned so perfectly doing justice to the concept and my character was written beautifully too. I am so thankful to be a part of such an amazing journey,” he adds.

Ankit also liked the title of the series. He found it to be unique and interesting.

“Honestly, at first, I thought this was a love story, but after reading the script I understood that it’s much more than that. I think it’s a test of our performance as a team and also a test of viewers that are really interested in different concepts, good stories and want talented actors and good performances to come forward,” he says.

Each new project adds value to the growth of an artist, feels Ankits.

“Even every incident big or small adds value to our personal growth, not just projects. In my opinion just closely observing people and situations also helps a lot. Also, practicing and working hard on your craft is very important because my motto says ‘hard work beats talent, if talent refuses to work hard’,” he smiles.

A lot of new-age content is being developed these days. Many are thanking OTT for this change in the way things are approached these days.

“I think the reason behind this is the quality of expectation and the changing taste of our viewers. Most of the viewers are young and they watch things which they can relate to. So, bringing this new age concept challenges the creativity of the creators and also satisfies the audience,” he explains.

Web Series are in these days. There are plenty of platforms that are making them in good numbers.


“I think this web series is the best thing that has happened to the industry because it has given a lot of new talents a chance to showcase what they have got. I feel blessed to be a part of this era where people are not just impressed by the looks of an actor or the name of the director but they demand serious acting skills and good stories,” he says.

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