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You need these 10 sunscreens in your skincare routine!

You need these 10 sunscreens in your skincare routine!
You need these 10 sunscreens in your skincare routine!

The summers are here and boy don’t we know how Indian summers are! We all want to hit the beaches and show off our summer bodies and tans. We love our swimsuits, the sun, and the sand on our feet. But before you head out to the beaches don’t forget to carry your most trusted travel companion- Your sunscreen! Sunscreen is an important part of any skincare routine no matter what skin type you have or which part of the world you belong to. It is said that you must wear sunscreen even when you are at home and working. So we have made a list of 10 sunscreens that aren’t too heavy on your skin or your pockets and are easily available.


Neutrogena is the world’s most loved and trusted brand. Their skincare line is amazing and you may need to stock on their sunscreen, because it is one of the best sunscreens out there and they usually go out of stock in a jiffy.

2) LA Shield


Formulated by the pharmaceutical company, Glenmark, LA Shield is also a leading and a favourite sunscreen of many women. It can also be used beneath your makeup as a base, because it is non-sticky and non-oily.

3) Re’equil 


One of the most loved homegrown brands, Re’equil has earned itself a name in the ‘Hall Of Fame’ of best sunscreens in India. Their Matte sunscreen really sits well on your face and even works beneath makeup. Their OMC and Oxybenzone-free sunscreen is also a good sunscreen if you have dry skin and works well in the winters.  Together, their sunscreens work well on your skin and don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

 4) Sunscoop


Sunscoop is slowly becoming one of the most loved sunscreens in a very short time. Well, since the pandemic ended, people have started going back to work and are working from offices. Clearly, women and men who wear sunscreen daily to work don’t want any white cast on the skin or any breaking out. Sunscoop, is a different kind of sunscreen as it is invisible and is in gel form. It suits all Indian skintypes and is affordable too.

 5) Earth Rhythm


One of the most underrated skincare brands in the beauty market right now is Earth Rhythm. Earth Rhythm is perfect for people who want a more sustainable, cruelty-free, and vegan brand for their skincare routine. Their recently launched sunscreen Phytoshield SPF 50 is non-comedogenic, suits acne-prone skin, is waterproof and sweatproof, and suits sensitive skin.

 6) Fixderma

If you are a student or a freelancer or simply someone who has a thrift budget for skincare, we suggest look no further and get yourself a Fix Derma sunscreen. It is a homegrown brand that is also available at your local chemists and drugstores. It retails for Rs 199 and is clearly one of the most affordable sunscreens on the market. It offers broad-spectrum UV protection against sun rays and even your computer screen. It is also has a moisturizing effect if you are worrying about the suncreen drying out your skin.

 7) Rivela

Think Cipla, only made medicines? Well, Cipla has launched a skincare line that is effective as much as their medicines. Their Rivela Spf 50 sunscreen is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that offers protection against the sun’s harmful radiation. It is perfect for people who have sensitive skin and cannot use chemical sunscreens. It is dermatologically tested and has been formulated using liquid crystal technology for a velvety touch and non-sticky feel.

 8) Biore

Biore India has sunscreen that is formulated to suit the harsh Indian summers. So it doesn’t matter if you stay in Bangalore or Mumbai or Chennai or Delhi, the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence is meant to suit all Indian skin types. It has an ultra-light texture that works perfectly well beneath makeup and doubles up as a primer.  It spreads evenly on skin and does not leave behind a white cast. Now we know, it might seem slightly expensive, but trust us it is worth it as it gives your skin the much needed dewy finish.

 9) Minimalist 

How could we possibly forget the internet and India’s most trusted homegrown skincare brand? We love to talk about the brand that has revolutionalized skincare in India. Their only science no bakwaas-based skincare products are in everyone’s vanity case. Their new sunscreens are full of humectants and suit all skin types and skin tones.  They work perfectly on your skin, are non-comedogenic, and work well in harsh Indian summers and reduce inflammation and photo-damage from harmful UV rays of the sun.

 10) Bioderma


If you are ready to splurge a bit for your skincare, then look no further and use a brand that is loved worldwide, we suggest you take a look at Bioderma. The Bioderma sunscreen is one of the best sunscreens you could ever get your hands on. They provide high sun protection along with UVA and UVB protection and these formulations are broad-spectrum SPF 50+ with a lightweight, non-greasy and water-resistant, and non-comedogenic too.

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