Posted on May 15, 2022 at 4:11 am

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Actor Samer Singh Dawar did 15 films as a background dancer, says it happened by chance

Samer Singh Dawar wanted to join the entertainment industry, but like every newcomer, he was clueless as to where he should start from. Once on a film set, the Tujhe Dhunde Meri Jaan actor found an opportunity to be a background dancer and immediately grabbed it.

Photo Courtesy by Samer Singh Dawar Team
Photo Courtesy by Samer Singh Dawar Team


“When I started my journey, I didn’t know where to begin so when a chance came to be an extra on a set, I went in. Later I found out they are looking for dancers to film a song and I auditioned for it. I am a decent dancer and have a sense of rhythm. And, I got selected. That’s how this journey started. It has been an amazing start, helping me to gain so much knowledge as it allowed me to gain valuable experience on set as well as see the working of so many actors, respected directors and choreographers in close proximity,” says Samer, who has been a background dancer in over 15 films and has done a number of ads for many reputed brands so far.
He never took proper training to be a dancer, but did sign up for some basic dance classes as a kid back in his hometown during summer breaks. He also did those classes when he could make room for them, making sure it did not hamper his education, which was prioritised by his family.

“It requires years of training and dedication to excel in any art form and dance is no different. You need to be able to understand music, rhythm and beats, you need to have an understanding of your own body and allow it to get together with those beats. This demands an honest commitment,” he explains as to what it takes to be a professional dancer.

Dance reality shows are very common these days. Ask if he would like to participate and the actor replies, “As I said, I am not a trained dancer so I never gave it a thought, but, as they say, never say never. I never thought I would be a background dancer, next thing I know, I was working as a professional dancer and was performing all around London. Hence, I never discount the possibility of doing a reality show.”

Samer would absolutely love to do a dance film. “I strongly believe that dance is one of the best forms of showcasing your emotions. And, a dance film with a strong script can bring magic that sustains the audience for a very long time, which we have seen with so many films in the past as well,” he adds.

For the actor, Mr. Michael Jackson is the king of dance and the greatest showman / performer. “Without disrespecting anyone I want to say that no one can take that spot away. Having said that, songs and dances have been an essential part of our Indian cinema and if I have to pick some of my favourites, Govinda sir, Prabhudheva sir, Mr. Hrithik Roshan and Mr. Shahid Kapoor are the names on my list of favourites,” he ends.


Photo Courtesy by Samer Singh Dawar Team
Photo Courtesy by Samer Singh Dawar Team



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