Posted on April 20, 2022 at 11:37 am

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Shubhangi Atre on completing 15 years in the industry

Indian Television actress Shubhangi Atre, who is known for her role of Angoori Bhabhi in Binaiferr and Sanjay Kohli’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, says she could have not asked for anything else in her career. The actress has completed 15 years in the industry and is grateful for all the work she has done so far.

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“I feel great, honored, really thankful, and grateful to the industry because I’ve been getting very good work all these years. From a girl next door character in Kasturi to the family drama in Do Hanso Ka Joda, then playing a negative character in Havan, then Tagore stories with Anurag Basu, then Chidiya Ghar, and then Bhabhiji happened…so it’s been a wonderful journey, I’ve learned a lot and I’m really grateful to this industry,” she says.


Talking about what she has learned from the industry.


“The biggest thing I’ve learned in this industry is patience and hard work. You just need to keep yourself collected because so many times, in this unpredictable industry, there is no work and sometimes there is a lot of work, or you get a lot of fame and name and then sometimes you disappear. So, in all the situations, we should keep our minds very calm and collected, I’ve learned this. Also, another thing that I’ve learned is that coming into this Industry is easy but being stable in this industry is not easy.”

Shubhangi Atre on completing 15 years in the industry

Good times and bad times come and go.


“Good times and bad times are a part of life. Everyone goes through highs and lows. At times everything feels stagnant but the person who handles and overcomes it all with intelligence can achieve the highs as well. I always want to keep my personal and professional life very separate. I never mix both of them.”


She says that she has always regarded both success and failure as the same.


“I don’t take it very seriously, success and failure are parts of life, I try to work hard and make sure I keep working. If I have work, then I’m successful. I don’t want to take success very seriously because when a person is happy from within, content, and has peace, that is a success. I remember once one director told me that whether an actor does well or not, a good person will always do well.  So I always try to become that good person. God has been very kind and I’ve been getting work.”

Shubhangi Atre on completing 15 years in the industry

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