Posted on July 20, 2017 at 12:44 pm

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Telly celebrities open up on nepotism!

After director Karan Johar and actor Varun Dhawan’s apologies for the joke they cracked at the India International Film Academy Awards on nepotism. It has become a topic of discussion all around. Smaller screen is no smaller. Television Celebrities joins the topic and keep their thoughts on the same. They share if nepotism exists in the television industry comparing to Bollywood.

Shubhangi Atre: Nepotism does not have any place in television industry. I feel people easily get chance to grow big here. But surviving here needs talent. As about me I’m lucky I have always been offered lead roles and that too never been asked to play any leap after roles. If we took about movies, it does look nepotism does exists but launching a star kid is very much expected as since they are born media makes them popular among masses.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee: Television has accepted me and given me chance to proof myself as an actress. I have never faced any Nepotism in my working environment. But yes, we all expect to grow big with a dream of Bollywood. So later we feel like nepotism does exist.

Additi Gupta: Nepotism has no place in television entertainment industry. I have always taken roles on my talent. I don’t even think to dissolve my personal living with professional. In regards of Bollywood I think television gives more scope to talents and is also no smaller. Even I have no one of my family into industry that I can enjoy Nepotism.

Ridhima Pandit: I don’t feel if nepotism exists in television as it does in films. In fact Telly town has given so many actors from all across a Break to show case their acting abilities including me. Television entertainment Industry is a land of opportunities and has made many a Star. Telly screen is no smaller as use to be. It is growing big like Bollywood.

Manish Goplani: Nepotism has no place in television industry. Television is equal to all. If you have skills you’ll grow. The more you work hard the more you’ll grow. If Bollywood is about nepotism makes a way for star kid to showcase themselves easily. They are launched in an easier way compared to others.

Mahika Sharma: Nepotism can just get you a chance but to live a life in entertainment industry you’ll have to be talented. Nobody can make you a star if you don’t have abilities. Bollywood itself has many examples where nepotism does not work out even after people belong from a star family. Earlier people use to scout for back room auditions and now nepotism it’s all about polluting the industry. Those who leave hope and blame such factors for their unsuccessful life are similar to the fox who blamed grapes to be sour but fact was he couldn’t reach to them.

Niti Taylor: Nepotism does not at all exist in television town. I am part of it and enjoying on my hard work. All I am getting from is support and positivity to keep moving on. I don’t get roles on grounds of any other factor apart from my acting skills. Talking about Bollywood it’s a dream to all so may be few gets an easy launch but again to life a life as an artist talent is required. Without talent I personally feel looks or references do not work.

Shrenu Parikh: I don’t think nepotism is a meaningful word for television industry. Television is the best medium for new talents and me being one of them, I don’t have anyone in my family having slightest of the connection with acting still I am doing well! And a lot of examples I can quote. I feel television is the fairest medium.

Yash Sinha: I have been a part of both Television and Indian film industry. Experience says that nepotism has no place in television entertainment industry. I do agree, Bollywood does has as reason of being they have access to the makers, they have grown together, known each other and why not, if you have a talent in front of you, why not to use it. And I’m sure children from film families must be having their own struggle. To put things in perspective I feel nepotism is in every field and to make a hullabaloo about it only in film industry is taking it too far. So many actors have had no connections and they have made it.

Tejasswi Prakash: The word Nepotism has no relation from telly industry. Telly screen gives equal chance to showcase their talent to everyone. It all depends on your talent and hard work how much you can grow as an artist. Nepotism or beauty doesn’t help people growing big. Not even giving up cloth does. It can only get you into headlines. If you have talent and you can live a life of an artist and can grow big. Be it television, Bollywood or Hollywood.

Roop Durgapal: There is no substitute of talent, hard work and perseverance, be it any industry. No matter nepotism exists or not, unless you have these qualities, you cannot survive for long. It’s more important to keep learning and honing your skills, rather than focusing on something that is not going to help us in our individual journeys.

Tanya Sharma: I don’t think nepotism exists. If it does too it will not work in long run. All one will need is to be hardworking and talented to live a life in any industry.

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