Posted on February 24, 2022 at 10:16 pm

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Indian Handcrafted Ethnic Fashion Label, STADO

STADO: Spring-Summer Collection 2022


Inspired by the vibrant and enchanting soul in you, our collection ‘Misri’ is an ode to all the different shades of women that glimmer in the summer sunshine.

The word “STADO” is a Spanish endearment for status & elegance. It implies sublime qualities, compelling Mrs. Ritu Jain, the founder of STADO, to use the name for the line of this contemporary fashion in 2012.
The brand has been dressing and embellishing demure maidens from every corner of India since 2012. Contemporary ethnic fashion at an affordable price is STADO’S commitment to fashion enthusiasts, offering women kurta sets, tops, dresses, etc, in smart silhouette and with irresistible color combinations and patterns. What began as a fashionable and affordable line remains the brand’s ethos today: fashion at an affordable price. In time, new range collections were introduced. Today, their garments are crafted with the best of contemporary sensibility.
Indian Handcrafted Ethnic Fashion Label, STADO

Bringing style & comfort to craft clothing for modern Indian women amidst celebrating womanhood

“We at Stado trust in making a check-in what we convey by just making it uptown yet comfortable for the ladies who wear it. The Stado accumulation is dominantly for the ladies who are tasteful, autonomous, opinionated, free-spirited, who encourage comfort in the trendiest ways. Our image dives profound into making excellent cuts with fine fabrics while concentrating on every single detail of the piece of clothing to influence you to feel certain and agreeable at The same time. At Stado, our effort and focus aren’t just to convey an item to you but an experience that will make you feel special and content about yourself.” – Supriya Jain, Brand Spokesperson.
Indian Handcrafted Ethnic Fashion Label, STADO
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