Posted on February 24, 2022 at 10:03 pm

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Mehak Murpana: Vibrant Fusion Wear

Versatile and innovative, Mehak takes fusion wear a notch above by effortlessly blending ethnic craft with modern aesthetics. The designs have been inspired by reimagining traditional clothing and meticulously experimenting with drapes, layers, and fabrics. These styles are often contrasted with elaborate embroidery and embellishments, crafted by local artisans. The brand’s approach is purpose-built for today’s cross-cultural environment.

The brand’s streamlined take on classic couture tropes and the brilliance in its fearless use of color and emotional geometry have helped capture an important market in its primitive launch years.

Collection Highlight


  1. Each collection flaunts a unique palette of colors like ochre, teal, wine, aqua, and forest green.
  2. The silhouette is inspired by traditional clothing and was given a modern twist.
  3. The brand navigates contemporary culture and modern luxury and meets zeitgeists in a cross-cultural environment

Mehak Murpana: Vibrant Fusion Wear

How the Brand Sets Itself Apart From Others

  1. Maximalist fashion hyperbole
  2. Pandemic amplified redirection to heritage brands and away from logomania
  3. Body Positivity – Appeal to consumers with different priorities
  4. Growing dependence on KOLs to drive sales
  5. Return of the day-to-night styling 
  6. A new and avant-garde vision of luxury
  7. Promote better materials, low-waste designs, and transparent partnership.

Within a short duration of its launch, the label has seized a leadership position by unlocking the immense potential of a dynamic yet complex luxury market in India. Looking forward to some interesting coverage in your esteemed publication in Print and Digital.

Mehak Murpana: Vibrant Fusion Wear

About the Brand

As a young girl, Mehak was drawn to fashion and had a spectacular knack for design. Her love for all things fashion made her career path quite apparent. The fact that Mehakdesigned all her clothes as a child, both western and traditional wear, proved her undying love for art. She officially ventured into the fashion industry in 2015 and started with a humble team of three at an exhibition; the success of which reassured her aspirations.
Mehak Murpana: Vibrant Fusion Wear
Mehak launched her label from her home in Mumbai, and a year after, she established an independent studio in her city. This studio is now home to all her stunning creations. You can book an appointment to explore each collection with the help of our in-store stylists.
Mehak loves experimenting and never settles for a single category or style of clothing – from affordable everyday shirts to couture gowns and lehengas, her sartorial sense is versatile yet truly unique. At Mehak Murpana Label, each ensemble is delicately and wholeheartedly crafted to give you a spotlight-ready look.
Mehak Murpana: Vibrant Fusion Wear
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