Posted on May 17, 2021 at 10:35 pm

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Karan Kundrra’s entry to Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is a win!

Indian Serials are doing well on television as more viewers are on lockdown with the pandemic and staying indoors. With IPL canceled and many shows playing on re-runs, many serials have given new episodes even during the lockdown shooting outside of Mumbai. One being Yeh Rishta Kya Khelta Hai. The longest-running show on Indian TV now has a twist to the story.

Recently, Raj from Lyca Radio spoke to Rajan Sahi about the show and its TRPs. The show has been doing wonders ever since a new character entered. Ranveer which is played by TV’s hottest on-screen star Karan Kundrra has been raising the temperature with his looks and even his romance scenes with Shivangi Joshi.

Rajan even went on to praise Karan Kundrra for his work ethic. He even stated,


“Karan is a brilliant actor and brilliant human being and it’s been great working with him. Of course over the years I have always met him socially and we have interacted a couple of times and there was always a bond to do a great show together.  I love how all three of them are bonding so well and we are shooting outside Mumbai, it has been great! Whenever I go on set I see such great chemistry between these three on set. It’s very heartening to see how Mohsin has bonded with Karan vice versa and with Shivani Joshi. They have a great synergy and great friendship.”

Sirat and Ranveer’s character has been a new twist to the show and many fans were a bit sad as Naira was killed off the show. Rajan Sahi had told Raj on Lyca Radio that due to TRPs they had to make a twist in the story. Well, it seems to us that everyone on set is loving the vibe of Karan Kundrra and his character. The show has done well as it’s still ranking in the top 5.

Rajan Sahi even went on to say that he was going to end the show but had to save it by bringing in another angle to the show and that of course was Ranveer’s entry.

Rajan Shahi also tells Lyca Radio host Raj Baddan that he saw that the TRPs were not doing too well in the last few months therefore he had twisted up the Kahani. Karan Kundrra character (Ranveer) ends up finding his true love after years on the show with lead actress Shivangi Joshi (Sirat). The two end up finding each other once again with the help of Kartik played by Mohsin Khan. Karan Kundrra has been getting a ton of love from both fan bases through social media.

Talking about the recent changes, Shahi spoke exclusively to Raj Baddhan on Lyca Radio’s ‘Drivetime’ show. He said,

“The entire decision to kill Naira in the show was one of the biggest decisions taken. We knew the kind of reaction it would invoke…. But we had to take a blunt decision, which is that the show for the last 7-8 months we were not doing well at all [ratings]. We tried every track but the numbers stayed low. It was a worrying thing not just for me but for the broadcaster [Star Plus].”

Here is more of the interview below!

Karan Kundrra also mentioned in a recent interview that his character was temporary. He told SBS:

“My role is temporary and I am grateful to be on the show with the entire cast.”

Karan Kundrra is known to wow female fans and even male fans across the globe. When it comes to his recent shows on television such as Dil Hi Toh Hai and It Happened in Calcutta it’s no surprise that he’s already risen the romance temperature in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

What are your thoughts on the show and Karan Kundrra’s entry?

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