Posted on May 18, 2021 at 12:02 am

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Soumita Saha Requests People To Come forward to Fight Pandemic

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Soumita Saha Requests People To Come forward to Fight Pandemic

Soumita Saha Requests People To Come forward to Fight Pandemic

Soumita Saha Requests People To Come Forward And Help In Their Own Way To Fight The Pandemic

The second wave of Covid-19 pandemic has hit the nation hard and has left millions in distress. The dire need for immediate medical aid is prevalent in the time of the pandemic. Several celebrities from different fraternities have joined hands with NGOs and different other organizations that are committed to reaching out to the ones in distress. Recently, renowned singer Soumita Saha has come forward to urge people to help in whatever way possible.

The ace singer and skilled painter on social media has been vocal about helping covid positive patients find a bed who cannot quarantine at home and who don’t need hospitalization. This is an initiative by iimunofficial called ‘Find A Bed.’ Soumita in her post on Instagram and her official Facebook page said “Let’s coordinate and amplify as much via the social media. This is the least we can do after keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe.

I am extremely delighted to learn about this initiative which is the country’s first information repository on beds.

We can now find our nearest COVID center and also help build one! Glad to do my bit for an initiative that is by the youth, for the country! Happy to join hands with @findabed_in which is India’s first information repository on available beds. Kindly check out the creatives and see how you can join in.
Let’s do this together ♥️

India’s first repository of information to find and build beds.

446 locations.
19,217 covid centres.
6,71,329 covid beds.
43 new centers built.
Please share and spread the world. ”

It is very inspiring to see the youth of the nation along with celebrities from different fraternities coming together to reach out to the ones who need our help the most. Soumita also posted a screen video on the social network to explain how people can use the website of “Find a Bed” to find a bed for asymptomatic people who do not have access to home isolation. People like Soumita are an inspiration and they are doing their best in every possible way. It is a reminder to all of us who can help even if it’s in the smallest way possible.

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