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Cricket in India: The Three Formats of the Game We Love

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Cricket is one of the leading multi-faceted sports worldwide. Cricket contributes to the rich heritage of Indian Culture. It is celebrated throughout the year with its multiple game styles. From famous cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar who have taught us what determination is to the classic World Cup of 1983, the Indian history of cricket dates back to decades. Today, this game is a beloved sport in India. It is a ritual for most citizens to go to the stadium to watch the different cricket matches. 

From double inning matches to single inning matches and much more, the vast range of cricket is quite debatable. Today, the three classic formats of Cricket loved by the Indians include- professional cricket, amateur cricket, and cricket simulations independent of a pitch or ball. Let’s go in-depth on these three formats. 

Professional Cricket 

Professional cricket comes in four different forms namely first-class matches, limited over cricket, twenty20 cricket, and T10 cricket. Currently, three of these are contested on a regular basis while one is historic. Today’s modern domestic cricket includes matches played in teams. 


  1. Test Cricket

Test cricket is a distinctive type of cricket game comprising the longest match duration. Along with being rated as the highest standard cricket game, test matches are played amongst national representative teams which are meticulously determined and chosen, along with being granted test status. They are furthermore verified by the ICC (International Cricket Council). These matches last quite long and can be mentally and physically grueling. The team testing generally depends on the capacity, endurance, and ability of the players. The initially recognized test match was in 1877 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground between Australia and England. 


  1. One-day International 

ODI or a one-day international cricket game is played amongst two teams with an international status. Each of these teams comes with a fixed number of 50 overs. Generally, the cricket World Cup that is played once in 4 years has the same format as ODIs. The international one-day game initially began in the late twentieth century. It was first played in 1971. The chief rules of cricket are distinguishable from the rules of ODI. In ODIs, every team bats for about a specific fixed overs, usually 50. The captain that wins the coin toss chooses to bowl or bat first. Also known as First-Class Matches, these matches are a standard and primary source of cricket. The domestic level of cricket in India, first-class, is played amongst Indian teams with over eleven players each and two innings. If the game doesn’t finish in the respective timeframe, both the teams get a draw regardless of which team has a higher score and maximum runs. 


  1. Twenty20 cricket 

The rules of Twenty20 cricket primarily revolve around the standard one-day 50 and 40-over cricket matches. Every twenty20 cricket game comprises one inning for scoring their desired amounts of runs within 120 balls or 20-overs. Basic rules of twenty20 include- 

  • Free Hit- The free-hit rule applies to the penalized bowler. If the bowler oversteps the mark or delivers a no-ball, they will be swedes with an infringement. Here, the batsman won’t be given out for delivery until he is run out. 
  • 75-minute time limits- Every bowling team has to mandatorily finish 20 overs in about 75 minutes. The batting team may win a bonus if the bowling team does not finish its overs in the relevant timeframe. 
  • Additional- A few other rules of the game include five-run penalties, bowl outs, 90-second rule, fielding restrictions of twenty20, etc.


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