Posted on November 11, 2019 at 2:49 am

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T-Series releases ‘Nazar’ by Tej Gill!

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Tej Gill has been one of my favorite Canadian artists for quite some time. Check out his new tune!

He’s a consistent lyricist, composer and singer who has been a part of some amazing moments in the ‘Urban Asian’ music scene!

Tej Gill - Toronto Lyricist, Composer and Singer
Tej Gill – Toronto Lyricist, Composer and Singer


Tej has been singing since the age of 10 and my introduction was through the production of Nav Sarao.  ‘Aaja Aaja’ is such a simple and beautiful song .. some my favourites have been with Tej collaborating with XD Pro Music, an incredibly talented Toronto Production house Duo. They’ve also created the popular Punjabi song ‘Rooh’ which is now at over 58 million views and counting!



Not only is Tej relatable through his humility as a person, he has also been involved in some incredible projects; he was featured on Deep Dolla$ Rap debut album which has gotten significant praise and  recently collaborated with XD Pro and the wonderful Diljit Dosanjh as a lyricist on his playful track, ‘Kylie + Kareena’.




Tejs’ latest and much awaited collaboration is with Tatva K. who is a Delhi-based producer and T-Series!

T-Series in collaboration with Tej Gill and Tatva K.
T-Series in collaboration with Tej Gill and Tatva K.


As always, Tej has done it once again by creating lyrics and a melody which are a perfect match with Tatva K.s production .. ‘Nazar’ is a beautiful song and the video is serene .. Tej and Tatva K. chose to shoot the video amongst the gorgeous Himalayan mountains surrounding Leh, India and it’s no wonder fans around the world are falling in love with the song! Looking forward to more from Tej as he creates these classic hits!