Posted on August 30, 2019 at 8:20 pm

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Modern students choose the smart stationery

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Tablets, smartphones, laptops for college have become faithful companions of modern students.

Young people use them for entertainment and learning purposes, read electronic encyclopedias, watch educational videos, can find the best research paper writing service  or pass online courses.

More and more operations are performed using gadgets. That is why some people believe that traditional pens and notebooks will soon be replaced by more progressive learning technologies. But there is no need to abandon them because stationery may be upgraded to a new, smart level.

This article describes the main features of smart stationery and explains how it may return a pleasure of writing to students.

What a smart stationery is?

This is a stationery with expanded functionality helping to modernize paperwork, make it easier and more pleasant, get rid of routine operations. Smart stationery can make things that would be called magic several decades ago, for example, change ink color or erase text written by a pen. With such digitalized tools, learning becomes fun and comfortable.

People who enjoy an aesthetics of traditional writing but, at the same time, want to simplify educational process are huge fans of such products. Despite the fact that sensor screens and different office apps are very helpful, students get tired of constant work with gadgets, want to use something more tangible and real. No virtual keyboard can replace a good pen due to its unique physical features, and not everyone enjoys keeping notes in Word files.

Smart stationary is a golden mean between traditions and innovations. If you are looking exactly for such perfect balance, items described below should be interesting to you.



Printed sticky notes

Do you stick notes on a notebook cover, pages in textbooks, your wardrobe or refrigerator when wishing not to forget something? Or maybe you often remind other people about things that should be done? It is possible that not everyone understands your handwriting. Or you may want to create a subtle design for stickers but not draw complex pictures and frames each time you want to make a reminder. Use a special printer for images, diagrams, to do lists and stick original notes around the place.

Magnetic sticky notes

Not all surfaces are suitable for sticking notes. However, you can use glue-free products from Tesla to place magnetic reminders on objects made of wood, textile, leather, paper or stone. They will make your life more comfortable thanks to the magic of static electricity.

Multifunctional binder 

It is about a digitalized version of a traditional notebook having the following features:

  • This device is equipped with a blocking technology ensuring that other people will not view your notes if you do not want them to.
  • It can serve as a power bank for other electronics. Charge your Android or iOS gadgets using binder’s cables.
  • There is a flash drive with gigabytes of memory, so all important textbooks and training manuals always will be with you. Forget about carrying a heavy backpack to university and keeping piles of books on a table.
  • If opening a cover, you will see pages for note taking. Erasable ink makes it possible to make multiple notes. Therefore, one notebook may be used for many years. You will just delete old material.

Smart pen

Just imagine that all your notes and drawings made by hand on paper can be reflected in a digital form. A smart pen is synced with apps displaying everything one writes in real time. It can identify dates, phrases and graphic elements. You can try different formats and layouts to create an individual writing system.

It is a great way to combine traditional writing with using a tablet or a smartphone. You can save and share a digitalized content, process it in various apps. As a usual pen, a smart pen can be clipped to a hardcover to lower the risk of losing it.

Scan marker

Students often have to rewrite passages from textbooks. It is a boring and tedious work which nobody likes. Of course, it is possible to take a photo. But in such case, one receives the whole page. If only the most important ideas should be taken from text, it is difficult to do without rewriting.

Happily, hands of modern students can rest thanks to scan markers – digital devices simplifying note taking. You may capture and edit separate phrases on the move, transmit information to an app on a smartphone, a computer or a tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth.

In addition, text can be translated to more than forty languages or read aloud by this smart marker.  A recognition speed is 3000 characters per minute. A full sentence can be processed in a single second. Such devices have a stylish design and several color options, may be synced with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android products.

Smart planner

It is difficult for some people to choose between a usual paper diary and time management apps. But you do not have to. A smart planner looks like a usual organizer. But everything you write there will be transmitted to gadgets. It is very convenient if you do not want to carry a standard diary to a university or an office. It will not take place in your bag because all schedules, to do lists, appointments can be easily accessed in a digital form.

Enjoy innovations and always stay on top with smart stationery!

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