Posted on August 6, 2019 at 7:01 pm

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King of Dhol Gurcharan Mall releases new Punjabi track, ‘Vaila Karo Ready’!

King of Dhol Gurcharan Mall is a true legend within the Punjabi Bhangra industry.

Well known and respected for his endless contributions as a versatile Punjabi artist, Gurcharan Mall dedicates his life to the fine art of Punjabi music. Known as a pioneer in the sound of the dhol, commonly referred to as the ‘King of Dhol’.

Gurcharan has performed for the Queen of England and frequently collaborates with many Punjabi artists and Bhangra teams.

He also formed the classic Punjabi music group, ‘Apna Sangeet’. Apna Sangeet is well respected and loved for their classic and upbeat 80s hits. In-fact, no Punjabi party is complete without at least one of their tracks in the mix!

Gurcharan Mall is releasing his latest Punjabi hit, “Vaila Karo Ready” which features Balvinder Bhatti.

Be sure to check out “Vaila Karo Ready“, releasing on July 28th!

Punjabi song 'Vaila Karo Ready' by King of Dhol Gurcharan Mall and Balwinder Bhatti
‘Vaila Karo Ready’ by King of Dhol Gurcharan Mall and Balwinder Bhatti available now on all platforms!
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