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How Wedding Planner Is Different From Wedding Designer | Why You Should Consider Hiring Both

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You might have heard the terms ‘Wedding Planner’ and ‘Wedding Designer’ a lot of time. But do you know that they are totally different? What do you think what’s the difference? We suggest that you give it a few moments to think about it and then follow along.


So, now you might have some points that you think will differentiate the Wedding Planners from the Wedding Designers. To make things more clear let’s discuss what actually is the difference and what are the roles of the vendors who provide these services.


On the ground level, you can understand the difference easily by the fact that the top wedding planners in Mumbai will be more concerned about the logistics that go into your wedding and finalizing the vendors. While the designer is someone who makes your wedding personalized and helps you set up a theme.



  • Wedding planners are professionals who are more focused on the logistics that go into the wedding while the wedding designers are responsible for making your wedding look stunning.


  • The wedding planners have the knowledge of the family relationships of every person present in the house and also know all the details about your wedding. While, the most important thing for the wedding designers is to know the likes and dislikes of the groom and the bride and then decide on the wedding decorations.


  • The roles and the things that the wedding planners and wedding designers finalize on are entirely different. While the wedding planner will be busy deciding on the vendors who will cater to all the wedding needs, the wedding designer will be out there personally sourcing out the linens, curtains, flowers, etc. that will look great in the wedding.


  • You can hire a wedding planner based on the time that you require them for, like, the last month leading up to the marriage will be really hectic for you and getting the help from the wedding planner at that time is a great idea. Whereas, the main focus of the wedding designer is to transform the space of your wedding and it can’t be determined in terms of how much time will it take.

Now you must have the idea of how a wedding planner is different from the wedding designer. However, there are certain similarities between them. Like both, the planners and the designers are quite creative and their ultimate aim is the same, i.e., to make your wedding great by personalizing it in a way that it tells your unique story. Another thing that’ll be common between them would be that each of them would be there, on the wedding site throughout the day, ready to face any challenge with their team.


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Whom Should You Consider Hiring?

Wedding planners and wedding designers, both, serve an equally important purpose and excel in totally different areas. A wedding planner will be busy making your wedding go smoothly without a hitch, while the main focus of the wedding designer would be to make your wedding a great experience for the guests and for yourself.


This makes it really important to hire both, and you can’t decide between one of them without being partial to the other. Making a wedding great calls for a quality collaboration between the wedding planner and the wedding designer. The wedding designer can fill in the details to the wedding planner about the type of decor that is required for the wedding whereas the wedding planner can share the specs of the different vendors and the wedding venue requirements with the designer.

You can also find some best vendors from the shaadidukaan that can fill in the space of both, the planners and the designers. You can consider hiring them if you are on the tight budget and can’t afford the different vendors for both the services. These vendors might be good enough in arranging for the vendors and also customizing your wedding. In my opinion, you must keep the idea of hiring such vendors at bay, and opt for hiring the professionals who are the best in their respective fields.

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