Posted on December 1, 2018 at 1:25 pm

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The Bokeh South African Fashion Film Festival Brings The Heat This Summer!

 The Bokeh Fashion Film Festival Summer Launch

Music, Fashion and the most epic summer trends, Bokeh is always sure to surprise us! The Bokeh Summer Launch took place on the 29th November 2018. There is only one way to describe it, breathtakingly stunning! Similarly, the Bokeh Festival is known for being the world’s most entertaining festival. It is truly so amazing to be able to witness the talent of our local designers! Founder Adrian Lazarus was sure to give us some insight on the summer trends as well as a warm welcome!

The Bokeh summer launch took place at Cafe Caprice situated in Camps Bay, Cape Town. The atmosphere was filled with colour, drinks and endless chatter. One thing is for sure, Bokeh has some trend setting fans! Cafe Caprice had us moving our feet with the musical styling of Lonesome Dave Ferguson and so many more .  The decor was bright and colourful. Truly inviting to all. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a human mannequin! Yes, how awesome is that? Painted, bedazzled to stun us all and as a result, we wanted more!


Above all, Susan Kennedy opened the floor with some kind words to all the creators and talented designers that were present.

Susan looked stunning in a local designer outfit. Not only was she present, we saw a familiar face as well! Tracy-Lee Rosslind showcased her uniquely beautiful style as well. The designs showcased consisted of so many unique pieces.

Susan Kennedy and Tracy-Lee Rosslind


The summer launch took off with some beautiful men ready to get our attention right outside with Bokeh 2018 Issues!  Topless Men and Fashion? What’s more intriguing! You would not want to look away! They certainly knew how to draw the attention. Bokeh is known for working with so many talented designers and is such an amazing platform to showcase local and international talent in fashion film.


Adrian Lazarus kept us informed by telling us more about the entertaining film festival and the insane growth over the years! Well with the aspiring designers, it’s no surprise that the film festival has become such a big success! The team is incredible and the clothes? SPEECHLESS! The mannequins were dressed in such beautiful pieces, each one with unique patterns and fabric.


It was a spectacular launch, savanna had some beautiful members quenching our thirst on that lovely warm morning and Mercedes Benz was sure to join in on the action! Not only was it fashionable but surely a comfortable space worth sharing ideas and crafts with others.

Furthermore, apart from the amazing designs, the team was amazing and extremely attentive to everyone! What a warm embrace. I have never really been able to follow many fashionable trends but this event showed me how fashion can really showcase your personality in so many ways. There were some amazing people with stunner outfits! From hats, dresses, body suits and heels to die for! Bokeh shows us that fashion is for everyone and that there is no limit to character!! We cannot wait to see what Bokeh has to offer next. Be sure to follow their social media handles for more – @bokehfff.


Bokeh Fashion Film Festival Summer Launch left us wanting more! Here are some images that will surely give you major FOMO. :

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