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UA Exclusive | Nora Fatehi: I want to produce as it is a really a full filling experience

A few days back we got in contact with Nora Fatehi over the phone to talk to her about her upcoming song – the Arabic version of Dilbar. She has proved herself as an actor, an amazing dancer and now she is set to amaze us with her voice.

Nora Fatehi
Nora Fatehi

While talking to us the actress opened up about the Arabic version of Dilbar, her career in singing, and much more. She also shared with us some of her favourite things.

Read on to know all that Nora Fatehi had to say:

1. How do you feel after recording the Arabic version of Dilbar?
It feels great. I feel like I’m achieving something new. You know opening a new market for me, grabing new opportunities – it always feels good as an artist to achieve something new and experimenting. So in this sense I am debuting as a singer in North Africa and the Middle East which is something really huge and something I have wanted to do alongside what I am doing right now and this is the perfect time to do it. I managed to collaborate with the biggest band in North Africa and the Middle East – one of the most respected band called Fnaire who are also known for composing music and writing lyrics. They have composed some of the biggest songs in our music industry over there.

So, I’ve like had a really good time and opportunity to work with them and of course bringing them to India, is a good opportunity for them. Even the fact that we are singing Dilbar in the Arabic version is very interesting because Dilbar right now is like famous even internationally – in their country, in their market. Despite the fact that it’s in Hindi and they don’t speak Hindi but they love the song so to have a version for them in their language is a huge deal for everybody. Everybody is very excited for it.

2. How did you come up with the idea to create the Arabic version of Dilbar?
No, actually when I decided, we were doing the press tour for the song – we were doing all the interviews for Dilbar (Satyameva Jayate). I was with the composer and the other girl who sang the song and I just zoned out and it came to me like – Oh my God! We should definitely do an Arabic song. And it was also a time when I was in talks with my team in Morocco to introduce in the market there and how to do it. They decided the best way to do it was to do it as a singer.

When I was sitting for those interviews for Dilbar for the hindi version I just automatically had this idea and I was like this is going to be great and then we start making calls. Within a week things started falling into place.

It was very fast. Even down to the point of having the band Fnaire featuring with me is something I didn’t think it would happen. They’ve been in the industry for almost 17years and they have never featured with anybody.

3. Did you undergo any particular training for this song?
Actually, no but the main singer of Fnaire – he’s really trained and experienced – he has worked with newcomers and he’s composed music for newcomers before, so he knows how to train newcomers in the studio. So before we did record the song we spent some time in the studio with him briefly training me and making me understand how I need to go about throwing my voice and modulating my voice and all that.

So he was really good in handling me as someone new in the studio.

4. After Hindi and Arabic, will Dilbar be created in any other language?
I don’t know. If it does it’s not going to be by me. (laugh)

5. Will we hear you sing any Hindi song for a Bollywood movie?
Ya, why not. If it’s picturized by me that would be lovely. And not just me – not just a Bollywood film, it could be a music video. But I’m not restricting myself. I want to experiment and try everything.

6. Any plans to release an album…
This will be my first song and then after that I’m working on some track but they won’t be in Hindi – they will be either in English or Arabic. I don’t have any plans of putting a song out in Hindi – maybe a mixture of Hindi with English or Arabic…

7. You are a dancer, an actor and now a singer – what’s next?
Well, I want to produce because after this music videos – I’ve produced this music video with my own money, and when you do produce something and you see your vision come to life on screen it’s a really full filling experience. And I want to do it again.

For now, I’ve produced a music video, but I’ll like to produce a short film and then or by the end of 2020 maybe produce my own film.

Take a look at the Arabic version of Dilbar sung by Nora Fatehi:

Read on to know some of Nora Fatehi’s favourites <3

1. Singer: Rihanna
2. Actor: Irrfan Khan
3. Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
4. Cuisine: Italian
5. Holiday Destination: I’ve not been there yet but I would love to – Maldives
6. Movie: Bajirao Mastani

An actor/actress you wouldn’t mind being on a deserted island with: I don’t know… Jennifer Lawrence

The last movie you saw: Baazaar

A series you are currently hooked to: Sacred Games

3 things people don’t know about you:
1. I don’t drink
2. I know how to cook
3. I’m very sensitive – emotional

A rumour you would like to spread about yourself: No rumours – I hate rumours

A must have in your wardrobe: Track pants

A beauty tip for this season: Keep moisturising

A fashion tip for this season: Thigh high boots with short sweaters

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