Posted on August 26, 2018 at 3:08 am

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SO CUTE! Shashank Vyas missing his sister this Rakhi!

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A relationship between a brother and a sister is very special. The bond is simply one to cherish. If you have a brother or a sister then you too, celebrate Raksha Bandhan. This holiday is to celebrate the brother/sister relationships all around the world. The sister is to tie a Rakhi (decorated string) on the brother’s wrist while wishing the best, happiness, and protection. She then feeds him sweets and the brother is to give her a gift. Shashank Vyas and his sister, Shrashti celebrate this year during his Indian Show RoopMard Ka Naya Swarup. 

Shashank Vyas who is currently seen in the title role of RoopMard Ka Naya Swarup is tied up with his shoot schedules and won’t have time to go to Jodhpur where his sister lives.

Vyas said,

“My sister Shrashti’s birthday is on the 30th of August and Rakhi is on 26th. I sent her cash so she can buy whatever she wishes to as per her own choice. The memories of Ujjain Rakhi are plenty. I remember them all and cherish them as well. It was always great fun. I used to take money from parents and give to my sister. I used to have the habit of watching films with a friend on Rakhi. Once we didn’t get film ticket of the chosen show then we took another show and I reached home late and the ‘muhrat’ of Rakhi had gone. I got scolding from my parents. Ujjain is a traditional city and Rakhi is celebrated with lot of love and affection. One gets to eat lot of mithai. I would be shooting mostly and talk to my sister on phone”

It is so nice to hear such a wonderful bond with a brother and sister. Shashank is doing so much work lately that, he still found time for his sister. See what you missed on last weeks RoopMard Ka Naya Swarup. Don’t forget to miss this weeks episode.