Posted on August 26, 2018 at 1:45 am

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The NEW and IMPROVED Designs of Prachi Tehlan

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The New and Improved Designs of Prachi Tehlan

Indian brides have always been stereotyped. Here to change all of that, Prachi Tehlan as she reaches towards the top of the entertainment industry. Her work continues to change Indian brides’ image into the best it can be. Ikyawan,  the show at which she worked hard to define the image of Indian brides and in many opinions, it worked.

Making a strong point known; “The clothes don’t define our character“, she expresses what is on her mind these days, considering the people who will be reading about her, hearing about her, or seeing her work in person.

Prachi faced a lot of backlash for not having the right “look”. This made her stand up for herself with people on the Internet. It showed her strongest side on how to deal with these situations. Prachi proves a statement that Prachi said;

“We live in a world, where people judge you by your clothes and not your qualities. This is extremely sad as more and more people are inclining towards this mindset. I believe that women should not be judged by the clothes they wear. I wear Western and Indian both because I find comfort in those clothes. Furthermore, this doesn’t make me any less Indian than the rest of you. I know my values and culture to the core, which brings this into such matter doesn’t do them justice at all”.

She added;

“Moreover, I have always believed in the saying; Never judge a book by its cover. Unless you know me very well, you can’t pass a judgment about me. Firstly, I am the heart and the soul that lives within. Secondly, the sum of my past. Finally, my experiences, my mind, my values, and so much more.”

Tackling down the cyber bullies, the bahu of Indian Television has surprised everyone with her boldness. As we all know, Prachi looks astonishing in all of her traditional attire. Likewise, when Prachi is a true stunner when seen in her Western style! As a result, she has so much to add to the entertainment industry, and knowledge to share with us women.