Posted on June 3, 2018 at 7:08 pm


#SuryaNamaskars: Payal Ghosh works on her flexibility for her next ‘Jai Mata Di’

It’s work out time!

Surya Namaskars seem to be helping south siren Payal Ghosh increase her flexibility for her next, ‘Jai Mata Di’. There are many scenes in the film which require Payal to be at her fittest and most pliable self.



For the same, the actress has upped her Surya Namaskar count to 150. A source close to Payal says it always been he favorite work out regime,

“Surya Namaskars are a full body work out mantra for payal. She used to do 60-75 surya namaskars 5-6 times a week daily but for this role she has upped it to 150. It’s exhausting but the results are for everyone to see.”


Surya Namaskars

Commenting on her new hardcore regime Payal says,


“It’s pretty difficult but the results are quick. I hope to give my 100% to the film and this is part and parcel of the job. Apart from Surya namaskars, I have also incorporated badminton and gymnastics as part of my routine.”

Can you tell us how much you do in the morning or even in the daytime? It’s getting FIT time with Yoga! Tell us your gym routine?

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