Posted on April 17, 2018 at 3:00 pm

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#NewMusic: Shide Boss Drops Stunning New Single Tere Liye!

Shide Boss Drops Stunning New Single Tere Liye and Blows our mind!

“I don’t get nostalgic with my own thoughts, but I reflect on the life that surrounds me to create my lyrics. This track will be your story” – Shide Boss

Its hard to pin down Shide’s sound in to one tiny box, as he fuses influences from all to make his own unique offerings. While impressing everyone with his earlier release this year ‘No One Else’. Its this track Tere Liye that marks him out as a fusion artist to watch. it has RnB vocals, soulful melody and an injection of Hindi lyrics. It certainly wouldn’t be out of place in a Bollywood movie or an indie British film.

            Shide Boss – Tere Liye Cover Art

Shide’s Tere Liye, is a beautiful ballad that shouldn’t be missed. It’s indeed one of his best songs till date! Meaningful, poetic, pure and harmonious. The lyrics are something special on this track. Hindi and English blended so seamlessly is definitely a hard to achieve, yet Shide pulls this off effortlessly. The song is a sombre nod to a selfish relationship.  Shide comes across as dedicated and selfless as he delves in to woes of a failed relationship, feeling used and seems to reminisce.

Listen to a Snippet of Tere Liye on Shides Instagram Out Now:


The song feels real and heartfelt along with sentimental lyrics. Shide has gave us a beautiful masterpiece, that should not be missed.The industry is filled with upbeat and meaningless tracks that tend to be monotonic, but Shide made the right choice with this slow jam, he’s indeed carved a new niche for himself. The fans are certainly going to be impressed by this release! Shide has confirmed that their will be an album on the way, we believe that it will be a true testament to his talent!

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