Posted on March 17, 2018 at 5:16 pm

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Ranveer Singh states he had to be physically restrained in Padmaavat! OH- NO!

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Ranveer Singh states he had to be physically restrained in Padmaavat! OH- NO!

Oh no, what did Ranveer say about him being restrained in his most recent film? Ranveer Singh was at his candid best during a riveting session at the News18 Rising India Summit 2018. The star opened his heart to the audience and revealed his personal struggles around the Padmaavat controversy. The star revealed how it was a very frustrating time for him.


Talking at the News18 India Rising Summit, He said,

“It was a very frustrating process because none of this was in my control. I was furious, livid. It was absolutely wrong. I couldn’t do anything and was asked not to do anything. I was asked not to complicate matters and lives since there was also so much money involved. So, I decided to just stay away from it.”

Bollywood’s superstar divulged that he had to be physically held to stop him from acting on his impulse. Speaking the assault on Sanjay Leela Bhansali, he said,

“The assault on Mr. Bhansali borders on fascism when I saw visuals I was out of control. I had to be physically restrained. Those were very disturbing moments.” He added, “When Padmaavat sets were vandalized, my shock turned into rage. I couldn’t believe that we’re living in 2017. The equipment they broke provides livelihood to thousands. I value the sanctity of the set. It’s my place of worship. You don’t go to my place of worship and do this.”


The stylish star added the subject on a good note, he said,

“I prefer to see the positive. The film got its release, with police deployed outside theatres and then went on to earn Rs. 300 Crore. I have moved on to another film and will you guys will soon see me in Gully Boy and Simba. I don’t want to rake up an issue that’s already transpired.”