Posted on March 17, 2018 at 5:02 pm

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Blitz Drops Punjabi Track: #Jhootay

Duffle bags, interrogation scenes, and mugshots. Blitz is social media posts have created pandemonium. What the hell is going on?

Has he really been arrested and which bank did they loot?

With his newly released video already looking like a cinematic trailer, fans were stimulated and counting down the days to the release. Everyone is just as excited about the track as the video is based on fake accomplices friends- it’s a song almost everyone can relate to.

Blitz in Jhootay!

Blitz I is no stranger to the Asian music industry previously having 3 top 10 hit singles on the Asian Music Charts. The track featuring Punjabi rap and an addictive beat makes a perfect affiliation with the theme of the video. The video exceeds the usual standards of high-quality music videos- especially due to the fact that it’s shot by well-renowned music video director Kieron Tyler Spencer.

Check out his video below and tell us what you think. Will this track be added to your next playlist?

Already being approached by radio shows and local TV shows about the release… Everyone is keen to find out what the track is about and where his inspiration has come from? Watch his video to see why everyone is so curious.