Posted on December 3, 2017 at 6:41 pm

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Simon Nandhra’s newest single is here featuring Sanjeev Kumar : Jind Jaan!

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Jind Jaan – Simon Nandhra’s newest single ft Sanjeev Kumar is out Now!

Music producer Simon Nandhra has released his final music single of 2017 with “Jind Jaan” this week worldwide via Infamous Productionz and carefully selected from his forthcoming album “The Awakening” releasing this month!

“Jind Jaan” is catchy and upbeat, which does justice to the versatile vocals of Sanjeev Kumar. Sanjeev allows each note to be heard clearly and allows the listener to appreciate the lyrical content. The production is unique and delivers high quality sound engineering by Simon, which portrays the vast experience he has had through his musical journey. This is not your average single, its 4 minutes of fantastic composition which will be a guaranteed hit with his fans. Now out on iTunes! 


Simon Nandhra has produced well-known singles to date and this is no different. Jind Jaan delivers on so many levels but still keeping in tune with ​​his signature style of production. A great end to this year for Simon Nandhra with the release of Jind Jaan via Infamous Productionz, purchasable via all online media outlets from 30th November 2017.

Tell us what you think! Make sure to grab your copy and support via itunes!

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