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#BeautyTime: 6 Beauty Secrets about the Bollywood Actresses that amaze you!

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Have you ever met any of the gorgeous Bollywood actresses? I assure you that they look better in real life. Looking good is an art, and not entirely nature’s act. And you do not have to be a great actress to look beautiful. You can take a few pages of the beauty diaries of these pretties and use them to boost your looks.

More than their look, many actresses believe that inner beauty or a healthy system is essential to anything else. Looking glamorous with makeup is always easy, but getting your systems function correctly is a tough task given the amount of junk we eat nowadays. Doing yoga, going for swimming, engaging in exercise and going for morning walks are simple activities that most of our Bollywood celebrities integrate into their daily lives to fight against stress and look healthy and young.

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  1. Turmeric – Turmeric, in its raw form, can do a lot of good to our body. Raw turmeric is a good disinfectant, so its consumption can help you stay healthy. Consequently, raw turmeric provides the body with fairness. So, you can either use it with milk or rub it directly on the skin.

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  1. Coconut – Coconut is a cosmetic saver for most actors and actresses. Apart from the fatty skin, the coconut oil and the coconut water can help a lot. Coconut water is an excellent antioxidant. It can eliminate all the toxins out of your body. Coconut oil can be excellent for your skin and hair.

     3.Greens – Healthy stomach can provide a healthy body. A lot of green vegetables ensures proper fiber intake. This means that your body will be cleared of all the toxins with   the help of the greens. So, have a green diet to stay fit and beautiful like the stars.


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  1. Moisturize – Drinking ample amount of water may not be enough to keep your skin soft. You must always keep your face and body moisturized. Actresses such as Deepika Padukone and Nargis Fakhri know the benefits of using a moisturizer. Use moisturizers that suit your skin. Use day creams in the day and night cream during the night. Know your skin type. This is important if you want to have a smooth and supple skin.


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  1. Hydration – We all need about 2 liters of water per day to stay healthy. But for the beauty queens, water is not just a necessity, but a step to beauty. Drinking ample amounts of water moderately ensures that the skin remains supple. The more water you drink, the more of the toxins are eliminated from your body. You can also try detoxing drinks to stay hydrated. Bollywood actresses ensure they always come with liquid to stay hydrated at all times.
  2. Makeup Secrets – Having a clear glowing, clear face and matte finish have a lot to do with how the makeup artist has used the brushes to enhance the contours and features.



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Looking beautiful in lingerie is a tough task especially when you have an unpleasant skin. To hide the flaws with the right makeup is quite an art. Most of Bollywood Actresses adhere to three makeup essentials, which include the proper foundation matching your skin tone, a concealer and cute compact Nike shoes that smooth out the shape of your skin.

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