Posted on September 15, 2017 at 2:16 am

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#Navratri Top 30 problems of Garba

The most important time of the year has reached upon us! We have waited all year-long for the greatest Indian festival to come so we can dress up in our beautiful traditional Chaniya Choli, have our raas sticks decorated for the occasion, and most importantly make sure all of our friends are present to celebrate with us. Any guesses so far what festival it is? Yes, your correct Navratri season has officially started and we cannot be more excited!


Everyone aims to have a good nine days of Garba. No one likes to stress and or be irritated because this is the time to have fun and dance all night in front of God and enjoy as much as you can because it only comes once a year. We know that every year, there’s always an issue and no matter how hard you work to make it perfect it never works right? Well, here is a list of the top 30 Garba problems we can try to avoid this year hopefully.



Finding the right place with the right music for Garba.













No room to dance!


Not being able to find a raas partner!

When you start a line and people join, then it breaks because there is a huge crowd!

At the last minute, you don’t have bangles to match

You have no accessories for outfit

Your blouse doesn’t fit

People stepping on your feet while you are dancing

The water station is crowded and you can’t get through

The food isn’t fresh when you are hungry

Your friends tell you last minute that they aren’t coming

When aunties start gossiping in the middle of the floor where everyone is dancing

Not having enough outfits to go all nine days

One person messing up the whole raas line by leaving

The singers aren’t doing a great job and they won’t change the tempo

The blisters you get during and after Garba

Losing energy all of a sudden

You can’t find a raas stick and have to go asking around for a spare one

Petticoat is either too long/too short or can’t find one

Not enough safety pins

Your hair just doesn’t want to agree with you on the day of the event

A pimple shows up and don’t have time to treat it

When the boys try and talk to you and you just want to be left alone

People socializing and not realizing they’re in your way

When Sanedo happens and everyone stays down instead of standing up

When the speakers blow and Garba comes to a standstill (My pet peeve)

Not having enough time to take pictures or forgetting to take pictures

Not able to find your group when you arrive because the hall is so big

When Garba does start “on time”

Waiting for all the society speeches to end so you can just dance and have fun!


This is year folks! Make this year even better than last, take lots of pictures, and enjoy each moment. This is the year we take that pre- Garba oath to avoid all of thirty of these problems and we officially can have the perfect Navratri season ever – problem free!

Here’s a song to get you excited!

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