Posted on September 15, 2017 at 5:00 am

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Sara Arfeen Khan has never rated herself as an actress

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Actor Sara Arfeen Khan, who is now part of ‘Love Ka Hai Intezaar’, says that she has never tried to rate herself as an actor. She says that instead of judging her acting abilities, she has always concentrated on improving them.

“I cannot rate myself. I think it’s the fans and the audience’s job to rate an actor. I would say that I am getting better by the day but there’s always room for improvement,”

says the actor, who is seen alongside Keith Sequeira and Sanjeeda Sheikh in the show.

Talking about working with them, she says,

“My co-actors Keith and Sanjeeda are fantastic. Sanjeeda and I don’t get a chance to shoot quite often but she’s amazing. Every time we are shooting, we have so much fun and masti… it’s unbelievable! About Keith, all I can say is that he is mad. We are always with each other. I love both of them to bits.”

Sara never wanted to play a stereotypical version of a vamp and her character in ‘Love Ka Hai Intezaar’ is exactly the type of role she was looking for.

‘Love Ka Hai Intezaar’, fetched me a lot of appreciation and I completely credit Siddharth P Malhotra for it. I did not believe in the role as much as he did. Playing the character of Vijayalakshmi was and is very challenging. I didn’t want to play an out-and-out negative character with the stern face. On the show, I am still a princess and I still have a soft tone, but my character is negative. It’s a combination of these factors,” she says.

Ask her about the kind of roles she wants to play in the future, and she says,

“I have got too many in my mind to decide. I loved Jennifer Lawrence in the film ‘Joy’. Also, Sridevi was amazing in ‘Sadma’. So maybe something like that.”

She also looks up to talk show host and actor, Oprah Winfrey for inspiration.

“I admire Oprah Winfrey as she has had the most challenging life, but has come out stronger. She’s become an inspiration as she has fought through all the challenges and is a true hero. I really admire and salute that woman,” she says.

Where Bollywood is concerned, she likes actor Hrithik Roshan.

Hrithik Roshan is my favourite because he’s a true hero on screen as well as off-screen. The challenges, in his life, have been enormous, but he has always overcome them,” she says.

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